NFPA – Patterns of Female Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground

The NFPA just released a report and fact sheet on the patterns of fireground injuries for female firefighters, which can be found at Pattern of Fireground Injuries for Female Firefighters and I have attached a copy of each for you. Feel free to share with your community! Here is a snippet of the information from the report: Firefighting has traditionally been a male occupation. While men still comprise the vast majority of firefighters, the number of women in the fire service has been [...]

Aetna Funds Statewide ‘Mental-Health First Aid’ Training For Police Officers

A $40,000 grant by the Aetna Foundation will pay the full cost for 30 police officers in Connecticut to be trained as Instructors in a customized Mental Health First Aid course. “First responders have extraordinarily stressful jobs, and there are clear behavioral and mental health issues,” said Dr. Hyong Un, Aetna’s chief psychiatric officer. “Very […]

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