Research: Mindfulness and Self-Compassionate Leadership Development

Individuals who integrate these processes in their lives have been found to maintain and build important personal resources. Managers in this study best resonated with the concepts of mindfulness and self-compassion through four main methods of relating them to personal fire experiences that offer guidance to other managers. They saw value in training fire personnel …

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NFA Available Courses Updated

Free training courses and programs are delivered at our campus in Emmitsburg, Maryland, online and throughout the nation. Offerings include: Health and Safety Program Manager, Leadership in Supervision, Incident Safety Officer, Management of EMS, New Executive Chief Officer, WUI Fire Adapted Communities, Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention, Fire Investigations, and Community Risk Reduction.

Top wildfire expert prescribes controlled burns as preventive care

Scientists testified before Congress on Tuesday to request funding for new software that predicts the behavior of ever bigger fires — to compute, for example, how a wildfire would move through a residential neighborhood. The next day, President Biden promised to provide more resources, including higher pay for federal firefighters and making those positions year-round …

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Wildland Fire Respirator Research & Development

Wildland firefighters are exposed to many of the same naturally occurring respiratory hazards as structural firefighters: the myriad byproducts of wood pyrolysis and combustion. TDA Research is in Golden, CO. If you are a wildland firefighter based in Colorado and would like to review the Wildland Respirator, please email Girish Srinivas at GSrinivas@TDA.com.

Mitigating Firefighter Heat Stress

Aside from the acute risks of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, heat stress causes stress on the cardiovascular system. The leading cause of firefighter line-of-duty deaths is sudden cardiac events. Research suggests that heat stress is a causal factor in cardiac illness for firefighters PDF and may contribute to the likelihood of a sudden cardiac event in those …

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