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No matter your rank, department type or position in the fire and emergency service, the IAFC is here to serve you. Count on us to help you gain knowledge, build confidence and pave your path to successful leadership.

The Missouri Valley Division serves the states of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. In addition to our executive board (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, International Director and Immediate Vice President) each state has its own State Director. 

In order to serve the membership, the Board serves as the liaison between the IAFC and the States. Communication is provided by participating in state chief’s conferences, maintaining a website, email blasts, etc. 

The secretary of the Division is generally available by phone, 620-341-7669, or by email, mvdchiefs@gmail.com, to provide immediate assistance. If not immediately available, please leave a message for a return call. Serving our membership is important to us.

Division Officers

Executive Board

Jim Silvernail

Chief James Silvernail

Member Since 2007
Michael Koopman

Chief Michael Koopman

1st Vice President
Member Since 2022

Chief Andy Kovacks

2nd Vice President
Member Since 2018
Jack Taylor

Chief Jack Taylor

Division Secretary
Member Since 1994
Steve Dirksen

Chief Steve Dirksen

Past President
Member Since 2007

Chief James Wamsley

International Director
Appointed 2020

State Directors

Chief Jeremy Young

Chief John TeKippe

Chief John TeKippe

Jeff Degraffeneid

Chief Jeff Degraffenreid

Chief Lair

Chief Kirk Lair

Brian Daake

Chief Brian Daake

Gary Lorenz

Chief Gary Lorenz

North Dakota

Chief Matthew McAreavey

South Dakota

Chief Gary Harnish


State Chiefs' Associations

Division Documents