Eligible Programs

The stipend monies shall be used for one time Chief Officer programs or new potential on going programs benefiting the State Chiefs or Missouri Valley Division members.

Stipend Amount

Only one Stipend can be requested by each State or Section per year in an amount not to exceed $2500.00

Who Requests

Request must be made by the State Organization through the MVD State Vice President. All requests must be made by June 30 of the prior usage year to the MVD State Vice President and must include the date of program, location, program content and amount of stipend dollars requested.

Stipend Review Committee

The Stipend Review Committee will be made up of at least 3 past MVD Presidents who will be contacted by the MVD Secretary. No expenses will be paid to the Committee.

Review Process

The MVD State Vice President will forward any request to the Secretary of MVD. The Secretary will forward the request to the Stipend Review Committee. The SRC will review each proposal and approve or disapprove the proposal and send the committee findings in writing to the MVD Secretary.

Board Approval

MVD Secretary will present the findings of the SRC to the MVD Board at the Annual Conference. Board will determine amount to budget for Stipend program. Board will determine what request to fund and what amount to award. MVD Secretary will individually contact all stipend applicants with the results within 30 days of Annual Conference. Stipend check will be sent 30 days prior to program date.

Final Report

Any State or Section awarded a Stipend shall send a written report to the State Vice President with a copy to the MVD Secretary. Report shall include a brief description of the program, how many attended and a final financial report. Any unused funds shall be returned to the MVD Secretary. A report on the Stipend use will be given by the State Vice President at the next Board Meeting.

Yearly Eligibility

The Stipend use runs from January 1st to December 31st .

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