MVD Mentoring Program

The Missouri Valley Division Mentoring Program has been developed and is used by Division members. The Mentor Program is a key part of the MVD’s mission which is dedicated to supporting the professional development of its members through educational, leadership and networking opportunities while serving as liaison between state chief’s organizations and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

The mentoring program is a voluntary

It is desired that the mentors and mentees will be widely represented from all levels and divisions of fire organizations. It should be noted that the MVD Mentoring Program should not be viewed as a means for promotional testing assistance. Rather, the MVD Mentor Program is a structured process, designed to create effective mentoring partnerships that result in the attainment of pre-determined developmental goals. Additionally, the MVD’s Mentoring Program clearly reflects the strategic plan of Leading the Division – recognizing that the mission of this organization includes the professional development of new and existing members, and the critical importance of providing these beneficial services to our diverse membership.

Fundamentally, successful mentoring partnerships will flourish and cultivate creative and dynamic workplace environments for fire service personnel within the Missouri Valley Division.


Mentoring Package
Mentor-Mentee Relationship
Mentoring Program Application (MS Word)